What To Expect


Find Out What To Expect

You may be wondering, “What happens during your weekly service at 10:30 Sunday morning?”

  • It is about an hour long and includes: singing led by a worship band, a biblical message with real life application, and some praying together.
  • The children (nursery-5th grade) gather downstairs to hear the good news of Jesus in a way they can understand and enjoy more fully.

If you don’t sing or pray – don’t worry, nobody will look at you funny! If you decide to visit us, please dress in a way that you feel comfortable. There’s no dress code, so you’ll fit right in.

I promise we won’t single you out or make you feel uncomfortable. It is pretty natural to feel awkward in a new place, around new people, but our people will seek to make you feel as welcome as we possibly can. There are a lot of young adults and families in our congregation, but we desire (and are praying for) retired folks, college students, and whoever God chooses to bring.

Feel free to look around our website and see some of the other things that are going on at our church – and if you have any questions, please ask.

I hope to see you soon!